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Review: Baker Electrical Services

Rating 2 stars as work OK but I wish I had seen these reviews earlier. Very quiet guy, found polite but after work was complete kept messaging my wife. I need some additional work doing in my kitchen and have found a company in Derby who so far seems professional.

Reviewed by Tim Pritchard on 02/03/2024

Review: Purple Ribbon Wedding Planners


Reviewed by MmzHrrdb MmzHrrdb on 07/12/2023

Review: Mullarkey & Sons Fishing Tackle Centre

I bought mono line from here years ago and it's still working fine.

Reviewed by Catherine Regan on 19/09/2023

Review: Jane Clean

Great service

Reviewed by Paul Turnditch on 21/04/2023

Review: Chef & Brewer Head Office

If I could leave a minus then I would. Visited today to have lunch with 2 other people. I have never had such an absolutely disgusting meal in my life. How a flat bread can be totally ruined is beyond belief. Half a flat bread was covered in lettuce leaves, 2 whole cherry tomatoes dumped on top, 2 olives and with literally dollops of what looked like rose marie sauce - goodness knows what it was as it was tasteless. Chips were not skinny fries with skins on as advertised , rather very very cheap chunky oven chips which tasted nasty. Another guest has steak pie. Needless to say their meal was equally appalling - 1 piece of carrot, 1 tiny bit of 'greens' - couldn't even say what this was, mashed potato which looked as though it had been trodden on numerous times and then heated up and beef, questionable as there was hardly anything and what there was, was slimy complete with raw pastry. Even the coffee had a very strange taste. I didn't complain as I didn't want to upset the people I was with. More fool me I should have complained because we left we and spoke about the meals, we had all thinking exactly the same - what absolute crap. What has happened to Chef and Brewer? Food use to be so good. Their food is atrocious. I swore sometime ago I would never go again having experienced similar at another of their pubs. This time there is no way that I will ever go again. I would rather throw my money down the toilet. Wake up Chef and Brewer you are loosing customers in droves! I am even considering contacting environmental health because if the food was that bad I can't imagine what the kitchens must be like! Stop trying to achieve mediocrity because you aren't even coming close to it. Hasn't anyone at Head Office heard of the word 'quality' - have you ever eaten any of your own food. I bet you haven't. I really am livid!!

Reviewed by Dr. Jane Lee on 01/03/2023

Review: Sky High Tree Care

Do not recommend these guys Tom and Kevin came to do work on the property on our street I came home to find my car covered in tree shavings I rang them up and they said it was the wind. How unprofessional. It certainly wasn't the wind as you can clearly see in the photo I have they have been chopping up the trees right next to my car and decided to leave it in this state ! I have asked for them to come out to clean up their mess or send money so I can get it cleaned professionally and to no surprise nobody has come or given money for the damage .

Reviewed by Karman Yiu on 06/10/2022

Review: N Lord Builders

We had them for a big build 6 yrs ago. We had uneven floors that were so bad a 6ft high cabinate leaned over 6" at the top. The plumber destroyed a £400 tap and it had to be replaced after weeks. He didn't even fix the pedestal basin to the wall (had to do it myself). He refused to come back for other snags. The painters failed to paint a knot blocker on the woodwork before painting as I requested ( had to repaint myself). The electrician didn't screw the socket and switch fronts on and just said " you can finish that ") as he walked out of the door. After 6yrs the roof is leaking through my ceiling and there are faults that will cost thousands to correct. All this time Nick Lord has refused requests to put it right. Total con men Do not touch is my advice. This is not a complete builders as suggested. They are a group of robbers that share work any of them get. The guarantee lasts till they get to the end of the road.

Reviewed by Victor Cuthbert on 07/12/2021

Review: Joy's National Sewing Machine Services

My machine had stood for many years and seized up.I tried various repairers on the web all of which said that the machine was either too old,no spare parts,or only did industrial machines.Joy’s Sewing came out straight away and soon had it fixed-at a reasonable priced.The guy gave me some welcome advice and it is working like new. Thank you for your excellent service. Regards.

Reviewed by John Potts on 10/08/2021